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Add a finishing touch to your South Florida home

Add a finishing touch to your South Florida home

Backyards can be great places to relax in South Florida, whether they’re big or small. Patios and swimming pools are the ideal outdoor assets, but they’re not complete until you add a custom Outdoor Enclosure.

With screen rooms you’ll get more pleasure from your patio and pool, and more quality time outdoors.

Our personal favorites are adding patio screens, with either a solid, insulated roof, or mesh overhead as well as on the sides. Or a classic swimming pool enclosures, with mesh on all sides and above.

Screen Rooms are the next best thing to being in climate-controlled indoor comfort – and when you throw in the pool, patio and garden, in some ways they’re better. While screen enclosures leave you in the fresh air, but without insects and other discomforts.


Pool Screens Do More than Bar Bugs

A Pool Enclosure does more than keep bugs out. Pool Screens also keep out crawling pests, such as lizards, chameleons and strays; plant litter; speeding golf balls from the nearby course and baseballs from your kids; birds and bats; and unaccompanied kids.

Screened In Enclosures use heavier-gauge aluminum frames that look as light as other frames, but better withstand hurricanes. Personally, our Venetian Pool Screens also have strong lap joints; corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty fasteners and anchors; corner K-bracing to fight twisting; and generously cut gusset reinforcements to ensure we not only meet, but surpass all base codes. Ensuring your enclosure is properly built is important, as it defines the safety of your friends and family in the case a natural disaster strikes.


Patio Screens Can Eliminate Bugs, Hot Sun, Heat Buildup, Rain

Just as with Pool Screens, Patio Enclosures keep out bugs and other pests. A Patio Screen also generates deep shade from a roof, and ventilation from the screened sides. Because they’re insulated, with no-maintenance aluminum on top and bottom, the roof panels also block heat and prevent heat from accumulating.

The roof panels lock together on Patio Enclosures to form an integral unit that rejects rain completely. Even with our big insulated skylight panels, the roof remains watertight because the skylights also interlock with the roof panels. The skylight panels let in lots of indirect≠= light, brightening but not heating your patio surface.

Don’t forget to look into ceiling fans to cool you even more, and even further the convenience of ceiling lights.


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