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Add Luxury with a Miami Lakes Sunroom, or Stay in Touch with Nature with a Patio Screen or Pool Enclosure 

A Miami Lakes home without a pool is like a Miami Lakes street without trees: almost unimaginable.

Get the most from your pool, a patio or deck, and from your home with a custom-designed aluminum home expansion.

Make your home spacious and more livable with a:

  • Sunroom, for extra living or entertaining space, at a lower cost than you would pay for traditional construction
  • Patio cover, with a patio roof or pergola for patio shade, and screen to keep you mosquito-free
  • Pool screen enclosure, to improve the quality of time spent swimming or sunbathing, and to add security

We not only meet the Florida Building Code but surpass it. We’re experienced in meeting the toughest regulations, those for high wind areas, such as near golf courses, lakes, ponds, canals, and parks.

Smart Design, Individual Attention to Your Needs

Everything we build is custom designed, so your addition can blend with your home.

We can match your home’s proportions and its materials: roof pitch and coverings; ceiling, floor and wall finishes; window styles, including impact glass and tint; doors, including extra-wide and double-width models; and woodwork and cabinetry.

Create the Miami Lakes sunroom addition, patio cover or screen pool enclosure that’s perfect for you: It will meet your needs, lifestyle, home, and neighborhood.

We know how to work with municipal officials and homeowners associations, speeding the time from design to construction. High-tech aluminum framing lets us build on budget and on time, and for a lower cost than that of traditional construction.

Sunrooms Provide Interior Space With an Appreciation of the Outdoors

A solarium gives you an airy 4-season room, made even brighter on shady lots by code-compliant giant skylights. Relax indoors with a full view of the lake or your gardens in a:

  • Living, dining or family room
  • Music room
  • Entertainment hub for guests
  • Extra bedroom
  • Playroom for kids
  • Chill space for teens
  • Accommodations for snowbird parents or still-at-home young adults
  • Home office, study or reading room
  • Game room
  • Home theater

Custom design will adjust light for any purpose: brighter for reading or socializing, less so for using computers or watching movies and TV.

Patio Covers Shelter You from the Elements but Keep You Outdoors 

Augment patio pleasure with a:

  • Pergola. Add patio shade and maintain air circulation with low-maintenance aluminum pergola.
  • Get patio privacy with aluminum lattice. Get the wood look without the woodwork.
  • Patio Roof. Keep out the sun’s rays and rain, without sacrificing your outdoor time. Insulated roof panels protect against heat buildup and add power for ceiling fans.
  • Patio Screen Enclosure. Shield yourself from bug bites and stings, errant golf balls and wandering animals. Add security for your children at play.
  • Insulated Patio Enclosure. Insulated knee walls and roof panels, and windows with screens give you fully enclosed living space at its lowest cost. Open or close windows, depending on the season, and easily store acrylic windows before major storms to reduce the likelihood of damage.
  • Convertible Screen Room. If your budget says “screen” but your heart says “sunroom,” we’ll engineer a screen enclosure that converts affordably to a sunroom when your finances permit!

Pool Screens Keep Pests Away While You and Your Family Play

A screened enclosure lengthens the time you can enjoy your biggest outdoor asset, your pool.

A pool screen:

  • Keeps out insects and birds
  • Fends off dogs, cats, and other critters
  • Reduces plant leaves and debris
  • Discourages visits by unattended children
  • Maintains your prized views and the sun’s rays

Heavier-gauge aluminum framing looks elegant but adds hurricane resistance. Strategically placed corner braces, properly engineered gussets, stainless steel fasteners and heavy-duty anchors also add strength.

Combine a pool dome with a pergola for poolside shade, and lattice for sunbathing privacy. Both look like wood but are low-maintenance, long-lasting aluminum.

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