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Add Luxury and Comfort to Your Doral Home with Sunrooms, Patio Roofs and Covers, and Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures from Floridian Patio Products, Inc.

Live a better life – right at home!

The custom designers at Floridian Patio Products, Inc., combine luxury, quality, and affordability in every aluminum-framed home expansion we deliver.

We know how important your Doral home is. After all, Doral is our hometown, too!

Make your home the best it can be by adding enclosed indoor space or an outdoor room. We install quality:

  • Sunrooms
  • Patio Roofs
  • Patio Covers
  • Patio Screens
  • Insulated patio Rooms
  • Swimming Pool Screens
  • Pergolas
  • Retractable Awnings

Everything we build is custom designed and custom fabricated. We meet or surpass the Florida Building Code. And we’re experts at dealing with municipal and homeowners association requirements, saving time and costs.

You’ll be in your new space sooner than you would with traditional construction and at a lower cost!

Sunroom Versatility Lets You Plan New Indoor Living Space for Any Need

You know the signs that more space and utility are needed: toys underfoot, squabbles over listening to music or watching TV, guests munching around a too-small kitchen, no place to put Mom and Dad when they visit the grandkids.

Solve space problems economically.

A solarium can serve as:

  • Living room or family room
  • Dining area
  • Entertainment hub
  • Home office, library or den
  • Home theater
  • Play space for kids or gathering spot for teens
  • Extra bedroom
  • In-law accommodations

Your Florida room can be made to blend in with your home’s style, with complementary proportions, roofing, windows, doors, woodwork, and ceiling, wall and floor finishes. It will fit your neighborhood – and your budget.

Patio Roofs and Patio Covers To Achieve Any Outdoor-Living Goal

You live in Florida for the weather, but there are things about the outdoors that get in the way: heat from too much sun, sudden showers, insects. Patio enhancements remove the negatives and make patio enjoyment a totally positive experience:

  • Patio Roof. Hey, sun, get off my back! You’ve thought it, but a patio roof lets you do it. Sun and rain won’t interfere with outdoor dining. Ceiling fans or a section of aluminum pergola will keep air flowing, and the pergola provides shade. Roofs can be no-maintenance aluminum or wood.
  • Retractable Awnings. Get sun or shade on demand. Awnings work alone or with a screen.
  • Patio Cover. Create an outdoor room. Combine a roof, screen and knee walls for a perfect play area or al fresco dining room. Lighting allows evening use and fans keep you cool.
  • Patio Screen. Insects won’t stand a chance. You’ll be outdoors but sheltered from insect bites, and with a roof, from rain and sun.
  • Insulated Patio Room. This is real but affordable indoor space – comfortable, climate-controlled and open to the breeze with operating windows and screen. If your budget’s tight, we’ll engineer a patio screen enclosure that converts economically to a sunroom when the budget allows.

Pool Screen Enclosures Get Rid of Bugs, Reduce Maintenance, Increase Relaxation

Everybody into the pool! And the last one in is, well, probably the guy doing the cleaning or applying insect repellent.

A pool enclosure lets you keep the things that mean the most: great views, the breeze, the sun’s rays.

You’ll eliminate the things that keep you from enjoying your pool more: insect bites, birds, stray animals, leaves and other plant debris.

A pool dome provides security, too, especially important for children. And our pool screens are built to withstand high winds, with heavier-gauge framing, properly engineered gussets, extra-strong anchors and stainless steel fasteners.

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