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Sunrooms, Patio Covers and Pool Screens for Miramar, FL, Homes Are Planned Carefully, Built Strong

It seems harmless enough: You want to put your Sunroom exactly where the shade tree is in your backyard. Simply remove the tree, right?

Not in Miramar, where trees are protected. You very well may get approval to put your Sunroom there, but you’ll also need permission to remove and replace or relocate the tree.

That’s just one detail our permit experts will consider when we plan an interior expansion with a Sunroom or an outdoor improvement for your Miramar home.

Floridian Patio Products installs:

  • Sunrooms
  • Patio Covers and Patio Rooms
  • Pool Screen Enclosures
  • Pergolas and Lattices
  • Retractable Awnings

We’re accustomed to dealing not only with the Florida Building Code – which we routinely exceed – but also with Miramar regulations, including homeowners association requirements.

We should be able to win plan approval within two weeks and arrange inspections within 24 hours, according to the city’s Web site. We’ll help you complete Miramar paperwork.

Serving All of Miramar, Broward County

Floridian Patio Products serves all Miramar neighborhoods. We also serve all the neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale, and every large and unincorporated  Broward community.

With custom design, we’ll make a Sunroom or Patio Screen look quite different for a two-story home in Silver Lakes or a modest ranch home on SW 21st Street or Coral Boulevard in the city’s eastern neighborhoods.

We more than satisfy 156-mile-per-hour wind requirements. Your Floridian Patio Products structure will have the needed strength if you live along an area with more than 600 feet of open space and must meet high-wind regulations, such as near Harbour Lake, Sunset Lake, South Sunset Lake, Lake Sunset Falls or Lake Riviera; Miramar’s many ponds or canals; a park, ball field or natural area; the Florida Turnpike and Homestead Extension, Interstate 95 or other major road; a campus; or a commercial area.

In Miramar, your Sunroom, Screen Enclosure or shade cover can be no closer than 7.5 feet to the edge of your property, and 15 feet to the rear of your property, or 20 feet if your home is two stories. If there’s water at the rear of your property, the setback must be 30 feet. But don’t worry about tight fits; we’re experienced at working on lots of all sizes.

Sunrooms Expand Interior Space Luxuriously

More than 31 percent of the Miramar population is under age 18. If you’re a  Miramar family with children – and even if you’re not – a Sunroom can affordably provide extra living space to meet your needs.

Aluminum framing and our skilled crews get you into your Sunroom Addition faster than into a space built traditionally and for up to 40 percent less.

We can match home proportions, roof angle and roof covering. We’ll help you select windows to tie your Sun Room visually to your home. Interiors can include matching ceiling, wall and floor finishes; woodwork, including shelving and cabinetry; and doors.

Glass options range from economical Acrylic Windows to ultra-safe Impact Glass.

Screen Enclosures Enhance Patios, Pools

Outdoor time will be bug-free with Screened Enclosures.

Patio Screens have mesh on all sides and can have mesh overhead or insulated roof panels that shade and block heat and rain. Our convertible designs can be changed later to Sunrooms at minimal cost. Cookout and dine al fresco in total comfort in your Patio Room.

Pool Enclosures have mesh on the sides and overhead. Block insects, birds, leaves and crawling nuisances. Our Pool Screens are framed with heavier-gauge aluminum that adds strength against hurricanes. Additional longevity comes from corrosion-resistant, oversized fasteners, heavy-duty anchors, custom-cut gusset reinforcements and corner braces.

Shade Structures Cool, Comfort You

We install shade structures to suit varying needs:

  • Patio Covers: Affordable aluminum Patio Roofing is insulated against heat and sealed against leaks.
  • Lattices and Pergolas: These open-canopied structures mix sun and shade over patios, pool decks, lawns or gardens. Aluminum and vinyl mean no maintenance. Retractable Patio Roofing provides temporary shade or rain shelter.
  • Retractable Canvas Awnings: Shade only when you want with a Manual Retractable Awning or Automated Remote Control Awning. Specify widths to the inch and get projections of more than 23 feet. Select from nearly 200 colors.

Call for Details

Call us at 866-596-2427 or E-Mail us to schedule a free in-home consultation. Floridian Patio Products Sunrooms, Screen Enclosures and shade covers fit perfectly in this city whose motto is “Beauty and Progress.” We’ll help you decide on the best improvement for your home and lifestyle.

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