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Retractable Patio Roofing Is like having a Convertible Patio: Sun or Shade When You Want

Imagine having a convertible: Touch a button and the roof retracts, exposing you to the Florida sun. With another touch, the roof comes back to protect you from the sun or rain.

Now imagine being able to do that on your Screened Patio. You can if you choose optional Retractable Patio Roofing on your Venetian Builders Patio Screen or Pergola.

We install Retractable Patio Roofing over custom-designed, custom-built Aluminum Patio Covers that have screen not only on the sides, but also overhead. That means the bugs will stay out, even when the roof is retracted to let the sun shine in.

A Retractable Patio Roof nestles near the back edge of your Screen Room, above the point where your Patio Enclosure and home meet. Retractable Patio Roofing can be for blocking sun only, or it also can be for shedding rain.

Retractable roofs are installed above the overhead screen of a Screen Enclosure. Tracks are installed typically atop the two side walls of your Patio Enclosure that are perpendicular to the house wall. With the press of a button on a remote control, a quiet electric motor extends the fabric roofing along the tracks to the far edge of your patio. You’ll stay cool beneath your extended canvas roof because you’re out of the sun.

On rainproof models, your Retractable Patio Roof will angle down and away from the house, so the rain will run harmlessly off the far edge. The tracks that support the extended fabric have built-in rain gutters. You’ll stay dry beneath the fabric.

To return to sunshine, just press another button and the roof retracts against the house, opening up your patio to the sun – but not to insects.

Retractable Patio Roofing comes in a wide range of fabrics and hundreds of colors, including solids, stripes and prints.

Custom-made Retractable Patio Roofs can cover patios as wide as 16 feet, with projections up to 23 feet.

Retractable canvas roofing also can be mounted on Pergolas, whether they are connected to a home or freestanding.

Frames are available in brown or white.

Manufacturer warranties cover the fabric for up to 10 years, and the motor and frame for five years.

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Serving all South Florida Communities, including Homestead, Miami-Dade, Broward, the Palm Beaches and Port Saint Lucie.

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