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Pergolas Ventilate and Shade Patios, Pool Decks, Gardens in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade


Pergolas are shade structures that really do cast a giant shadow, and not just over your South Florida patio or deck. Pergolas have been cooling sun-splashed areas all over the world for centuries. Some have actually been standing that long.

Floridian Patio Products Screen and Sunroom custom-designs and installs Pergolas outside homes in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade County, and in the Florida Keys.

A Pergola can stand alone on decorative posts, or can employ posts and a connection to a wall. A Pergola doesn’t use a solid roof to generate shade, instead using an open canopy of framing members that are artfully shaped for appealing aesthetics. The results are shade that actually has some intricacies to its appearance, and natural ventilation through the canopy’s open spaces.

The open canopy gives a Pergola a slightly whimsical look, but Pergolas are seriously designed and built. They’re engineered and constructed to meet the same tough wind standards as other Patio Covers.

And Pergolas offer something most other Patio Covers don’t: Pergolas mix shade and sun simultaneously. So even though your patio or deck is shaded and cooler than if exposed, it remains bright because some sunlight gets through. That makes Pergolas ideal over pool decks, where solid shade might be too chilly after a swim, and over gardens, where plants need sun for growth.

Wood Pergolas and Aluminum Pergolas Are Both Stylish

Wood is the traditional material for a Pergola. It has grain that makes it look rich, and strength that makes it last. Beams and rafters traditionally are scalloped on the ends. They also can be square-cut or angled.

Modern paints make Wooden Pergolas low-maintenance structures. Today’s paint resists cracking, even when repeatedly heated and cooled. High-tech coatings can last years, even decades, before needing a new coat. That makes the wood long-lived, too.

Aluminum Pergolas are no-maintenance. Aluminum framing is factory-finished to prevent fade, cracking, bubbling, peeling and powdering. And Aluminum Pergolas, including their fasteners, don’t rust.

Want no-maintenance aluminum with a wood look? Choose aluminum with a faux grain.

All of our Pergolas, regardless of the canopy material, are supported by strong, attractive, code-compliant steel posts. When mounted against a wall of your home, a Pergola also helps to cool your house, saving energy.

Pick a Shape – Any Shape; Choose Shade Density, Too

Our Pergolas are built from custom designs. We don’t pretend that just one design would fit your house and your neighbor’s, or your rectangular patio and someone else’s undulating-edge pool deck. Each Pergola is created to work with the property it shades. (And we really can follow those wavy edges!)

On a Pergola, shade comes from rafters that are placed on their long edge, parallel to one another and perpendicular to the ground. They are fastened to the top of strong supporting beams. Narrower strips called purlins tie them together.

The density of the shade depends on rafter placement. The nearer rafters are, the heavier the shade; the more distant they are, the lighter the shade and the brighter your patio or deck. Letting sunlight through is what makes a Pergola work so well over a lawn or garden.

Pergolas Work Alone or with Patio Roofs

For partial shade of a patio or deck, a Pergola works great by itself. But you can also have us combine a Pergola with a solid roof.

With a roof, you can still have protection from rain, as well as sun, over part of your covered surface. And with today’s style options, your combination Pergola/Patio Roof will have one coordinated look, with simulated rafter ends along the roof fascia.

If you don’t want a permanent roof but would occasionally like solid shade or shelter from rain, opt for Retractable Patio Roofing atop your Pergola. This canvas cover rolls open only when you want, then rolls out of the way to return you to the subtle mixture of shade and sun that your Pergola provides. You’ll have lots of color options.

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