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Alumawood Shade Structures Give the Look of Wood Without the Maintenance

When it comes to outdoor shade structures, you probably like the look of wood, but you just as likely don’t want the maintenance that comes with this natural material.

Young homeowners are busy today, and older homeowners don’t want to be busy: Everybody wants to relax outdoors, not spend time maintaining the structures that shade them and make outdoor living so enjoyable.

That’s why Floridian Patio Products offers Alumawood Structures to shade and cool patios, pool decks and other outdoor areas, such as gardens and their paths, in all South Florida communities. Alumawood Structures have the wood look without the demand for routine maintenance.

Alumawood Pergolas, Shade Lattices, and Trellises have shade-producing open-air canopies that are made from no-maintenance aluminum. You’ll never have to worry about rust or rot. These structures come pre-finished with a coating that fights the weathering that normal paints can’t conquer. Their factory coating won’t chalk, crack, split, curl, blister or peel. It also resists fading.

The coating is engineered to last a lifetime because of a process that has been proven over more than half a century of use in the housing industry.

Alumawood structures are different from ordinary aluminum framing in that they have a grain that imitates the surface of natural wood. The grain is embossed into the metal, then the framing is factory-coated. All of that work is done before the framing members ever reach your property, where our skilled crews perform final assembly.

Some structures traditionally are wooden, and it’s only natural for people to expect them to look as if they are. Pergolas, Lattices, and Trellises are good examples. They were made almost exclusively from wood for thousands of years. And it’s not that properly seasoned, old-growth wood won’t hold up: Some such shade structures exist hundreds of years after they were built. But they do require more maintenance than shade structures made with some other materials.

Now, with Alumawood Structures, you get a traditional-looking Pergola, Trellis or Lattice, but with the strength and staying power of aluminum. Not only do you get the graining that makes wood so attractive, you also get a choice of rafter end shapes to suit your personal preference and the style of your home.

Both beams and the rafters they support, which create the cooling shade you covet, are available ingrained Alumawood. Posts that hold the Alumawood canopies aloft are prefinished metal that comes in a variety of architectural types.

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