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Aluminum Shade Lattices Have Pleasing Looks, Keep Your Patio Maintenance-Free

Shade Lattice strikes a compromise between a sunny patio and a shaded one. But where upkeep is concerned, an Aluminum Shade Lattice makes no compromises whatsoever: It requires virtually no maintenance.

If you have one patio, an Aluminum Shade Lattice gives it an ideal blend of shade and sun. That’s because an Aluminum Shade Lattice typically casts shade that’s only partial, not solid.

An Aluminum Shade Lattice isn’t limited to use over a patio. The spacing of rafters or slats on the Lattice’s overhead canopy determines how dense the shade that it casts will be, and quite possibly where it is best suited. The slats sit horizontally on their narrow edge atop supportive aluminum beams. We place the rafters farther apart for less shade density. We place them closer for denser shade.

With as little as 40 percent shade, an Aluminum Shade Lattice will work over a garden or a stretch of lawn. Enough light works through to let plant life thrive, but enough shade is created to make weeding and pruning much cooler than in the direct sunlight. Spacing that achieves as much as 100 percent shade works well over patios. Rafters spaced somewhere in between can work on a pool deck, where you may not want total sun but don’t want so much shade that you’ll be cold after leaving the water.

The playful thing about Shade Lattice is that the shadow takes the shape of the rafters and beams overhead. As the sun changes position in the sky, the shape of the shade changes, too.

Our Aluminum Shade Lattice comes in a choice of four rafter end shapes and different beam styles. Find the combination that suits your personality, or that best complements the look of your home. You also can choose a color from among white, ivory, beige, adobe, and desert sand, with a limited number of models available in wood-look shades that include redwood and cedar.

The pre-finished metal posts that support our Aluminum Shade Lattices more than satisfy code requirements. You’re sure to find a look you like.

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