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Aluminum Trellises Create Subtle Shade for Patios, Pool Decks, Gardens

The shadow from an Aluminum Trellis is a subtle kind of shade. Unlike the shade from a solid roof, the shade from an Aluminum Trellis comes from an open framework that is supported overhead. The shade is partial: When you sit below a Trellis, you’ll get some sun along with the shade.

Trellises can act on their own to cast their partial shade, or they can get help from a vine that you train to wrap around their open framework. Depending on the vine you choose, you’ll get almost solid shade from your Trellis. And again, depending on the vine, you also may get blooms that add a bouquet to the time spent on your patio or pool deck.

Rafters also can be spaced before construction for a denser shade.

Why partial shade? For one thing, it’s pretty. The shade takes on the shape of the overhead framework. Four rafter end shapes are available, and those end shapes will show in the shade pattern. As the day draws on, and the sun chases the horizon, the shape of the shade will change. It’s quietly entertaining.

Partial shade also means partial sun. That’s good for doing things like reading or pursuing a handcraft, and it will be welcome when you sit outdoors in cooler months. Partial sun also lets you place an Aluminum Trellis over plant life. Yes, things such as flowers and grass will grow beneath the Trellis, not just up and over it.

Why aluminum? It’s no-maintenance. The factory finish on an Aluminum Trellis resists sun and rain, so it won’t crack, peel, curl, bubble or alligator. Fading is minimal. And there is no wood to split or check. Aluminum doesn’t decay, but it is very green because it’s 100 percent recyclable.

Get a wood look by ordering aluminum that carries an artificial grain.

If you long for occasional solid shade, we can equip your Aluminum Trellis with a retractable canvas shade cover. It easily opens and retracts the moment you want. We also can combine an Aluminum Trellis with an aluminum patio roof, even one that has the visual cues of the Trellis rafters. They’ll blend perfectly to let your patio do double duty.

An Aluminum Trellis can be mounted on your home or freestanding, which makes it perfect for shading a pool deck or remote patio.

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