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What is a Pergola?

A Pergola is a structure that uses an open-air canopy to cast shade, cooling the surface below it, and that encourages natural ventilation. Floridian Patio Products installs Pergolas that it custom-designs or custom-orders.

Pergolas do not have solid roofs. They are designed typically to cast partial shade, with some sunlight reaching the patio and its users. Because some sunlight gets through, Pergolas also are useful over lawns and gardens. The canopies in a Pergola have what appear to be a weave of structural elements. The structural parts of the canopy actually are placed in layers, each layer perpendicular to the one below:

Beams: These are the bottom layer of the canopy and the heaviest horizontal framing members, fastened to vertical posts that hold everything aloft. Beams come in varying decorative shapes.

Rafters: Dimensionally smaller than beams, rafters are fastened along their longest, narrow edge atop the beams. Rafters cast most of the structure’s shade. Their ends traditionally are scalloped or another decorative shape.

Purlins: These may or may not be present, depending on the framing system. Purlins are thinner strips fastened to the tops of the rafters. They help hold the rafters upright and ensure the rafters’ spacing.

Metal posts come in enough designs that you’ll find one to work with your home’s architecture.

Look up through a Pergola and you’ll see snatches of sky. That spacing, along with the sun’s uneven heating of the Pergola and the cooler patio or pool deck below, encourages air movemnt through the structure. You’re cooler and more comfortable as a result. If the Pergola is over a garden, you’ll be cooler doing your garden chores.

We offer a choice of materials for Pergolas, sometmes called Lattices or Trellises:

  • Wood. This is the original Pergola material. High-tech coatings protect the wood from weathering. These are low-maintenance, with repainting needed only after years of use.
  • Aluminum. This no-maintenance framing comes factory-finished, so it doesn’t need repainting. Aluminum doesn’t corrode or decay. It can be embossed to simulate wood.
  • Vinyl. This plastic, formulated for use in housing, has proven itself during decades of use. It doesn’t rust or rot. Vinyl is colored clear through to resist fading and embossed with a wood-like grain.

We’ll be glad to explain personally which type of Pergola is best for you.

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