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Pool Enclosures from Floridian Patio Products Add Comfort

Pool Enclosures designed and fabricated by Floridian Patio Products will have you spending more time in and by your swimming pool. Why? Because our Pool Enclosures will make outdoor living more comfortable than ever.

Say goodbye to bugs. No stings. No bites. No swatting at flies and other insects, either. They’ll be separated from you by quality mesh, on the walls and overhead. Let the sun’s rays through but keep pests out. We can even size the mesh to banish the tiniest NoSeeums.

Your life in and by the water also will be made better by the absence of:

  • Seagulls and their begging, and other birds and their droppings
  • Crawling critters such as chameleons, lizards, and the neighbor’s dog
  • Manmade hazards, such as speeding golf balls
  • Plant litter, including leaves
  • Dangerous visits by well-meaning but unaccompanied children

And you’ll still be able to see the things you value: your kids at play, the sunset, the ocean, an adjacent lake or pond, the countryside or a nearby golf course.

Floridian Patio Products Pool Enclosures are installed by experienced, skilled, courteous crews. They’ll keep your yard as neat as possible while they install an outdoor room that is unparalleled in strength and unsurpassed in visual appeal. Much of the precision work on our aluminum framing is done in our shops, with final assembly done at your pool. That reduces waste onsite – and cuts stress in your life.

Our Pool Enclosures are strong, with aluminum framing that has thicker walls than are required, but with a look that is just as attractive – or more so – than what our competitors provide. YourFloridian Patio Products Pool Enclosure will never look better than it does after it handles a Florida storm, which we equip it to do with:

  • Heavier-gauge framing
  • Oversized stainless steel fasteners that resist corrosion from the weather and from chlorine gases generated by your pool water
  • Gusset reinforcements custom-cut on our facilities
  • Properly placed and sized corner and roof bracing
  • Heavy-duty anchors to better withstand wind forces

And there’s no maintenance day in and day out because our pool frames come with a durable factory finish that defies weathering.

Pool Renovations

Does your existing pool need a renovation? We’ve got you covered. Visit our pool renovations page to see how we can help bring your cracked or aging pool back to life. We also can fix your cracked deck and damaged pavers.

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Serving all South Florida Communities, including Homestead, Miami-Dade, Broward, the Palm Beaches and Port Saint Lucie.

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