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Retractable Awnings Installations that Are Done Right

You’ll get not only the right Retractable Awning, but also the right Retractable Awnings Installation when you come to Floridian Patio Products.

We searched for just the right quality in the Awnings we offer, and we searched every bit as hard for the people who install them.

Our crews are thoroughly trained in the technology that goes into each Retractable Awning. They are meticulous, paying attention to even the smallest detail. They’re also courteous and neat, knowing that you don’t want unnecessary waste or clutter. Floridian Patio Products’ skilled workers understand that it’s not just a worksite; it’s your home.

We install Retractable Awnings properly, whether it’s on your home, which is the most common installation; freestanding over a pool deck or remote patio; over a Screen Enclosure; or on a Pergola or Lattice Shade Cover:

  • House mounting options: No matter the shape of your home, we can mount your Retractable Awning appropriately. We fit your awning precisely using hardware that is made especially for the model you buy. We can achieve roof, wall or soffit mounting – whichever is best for the shape and architectural style of your home.
  • Freestanding mounts: If you have a pool deck or patio that stands away from the house, presenting no opportunity to mount an Awning against your home, you can still get a quality Retractable Awning. We install freestanding models that cover up to 600 square feet, mounted on their own sturdy, no-rust frame. They still offer shade or sun on demand, just like a house-mounted awning.
  • On Screen Enclosures: Designed to open over a Screened Patio that has screen overhead, rather than a solid roof, these Awnings can be ordered for sun protection or for blocking sun and rain. Watertight models are available with rain gutters built into the tracks that mount atop your Screen Enclosure frame. Water runs off the lower edge of your Awning.
  • Shade Cover mounting:  If you decide you would occasionally like solid shade from a Pergola or Lattice Shade Cover, or if you want to keep out the rain when sitting beneath one, Retractable Awnings are available that mount atop the shade structures. These Awnings can be mounted on shade covers that are attached to your home or freestanding.

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Serving all South Florida Communities, including Homestead, Miami-Dade, Broward, the Palm Beaches and Port Saint Lucie.

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