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Patio Screen Rooms from Floridian Patio Products Keep Bug Away

Turn your patio into beautiful, comfortable outdoor living space with a Patio Screen Room from Floridian Patio Products.

You’ll still be outdoors and on your patio – but under roof. The garden and its bouquet will be ever-present. Your view of the boats on the canal or the sunset on the pond will be preserved. If you live by the ocean, you’ll still catch the breeze. And in temperate South Florida, you’ll get virtual four-season use out of your new space.

Your Patio Screen Room will eliminate outdoor inconveniences:

  • No more bug bites or stings, not even from tiny NoSeeums, and no more flies to shoo
  • No more gulls finagling for a handout
  • No more bird droppings on the furniture
  • No hot sun to bake and burn you while you grill your favorite dish, or to make your chaise lounge so hot it’s unusable
  • No more running for cover when a shower blows in
  • No dodging poorly aimed golf balls
  • No more worrying about the kids wandering off while at play, or about strangers approaching them
  • No lizards or chameleons lurking

You’ll feel cooler not just because of the shade, but also because our insulated aluminum roofing systems prevent heat from radiating onto you and the patio surface. When there is no breeze, you can turn on optional ceiling fans powered by electrical wiring that’s hidden safely by the roof panels. And after dark, get a little help for that card game from built-in ceiling lights.

Your Patio Screen Room will be built to surpass the Florida Building Code. We use heavier-gauge aluminum framing that’s better able to withstand high wind. With aluminum, there’s no rust, and its factory finish will defy degradation by the sun and rain, so there’s no maintenance.

When you buy Floridian Patio Products, you get a Patio Screen Room that’s custom-designed just for you. It will be up to your standards, and your neighbors’. We can make your Screen Patio Room blend by carefully copying the shape of your home, the angle of the roof, and even the roof covering.

We can even design your Screen Patio Room to convert economically to a sunroom when your budget allows.

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Serving all South Florida Communities, including Homestead, Miami-Dade, Broward, the Palm Beaches and Port Saint Lucie.

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