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Open Up Your Palm Beach, Broward or Miami-Dade Home with Bright, Comfortable Living Space

A Florida Room from Floridian Patio Products Screen and Sunroom does more than expand living space. It adds comfort and luxury, and at a price that’s as much as 40 percent lower than for a comparable room built by traditional technologies.

At Floridian Patio Products, we achieve strength, appealing aesthetics and economy from high-tech aluminum framing systems. Homeowners in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties come to Floridian Patio Products for Florida Rooms that fit their budget and their lifestyle.

You’ll feel as if you can touch the outdoors with the views from your Solarium. But you won’t feel the Florida heat or dodge Florida showers. You’ll be coddled in fully enclosed, climate-controlled space.

The Floridian Patio Products Room Experience

You’re probably thinking, “If I need space, I’ll just move.” Moving will cost you more: commissions, title fees, transfer taxes, and maybe expenditures to make another house feel like home. You and your family will give up friends, and your children may sacrifice the comfort of a school they know.

A Florida Room gets you the space you need for the purpose you have in mind – a great room, family room, rec room, home theater, office space, play space – without the hassles of picking up roots.

We’ll build your custom-designed Florida Room on time and on budget.

At Floridian Patio Products, we minimize the hassle of getting a permit and making sure everything is engineered as it should be. We handle the paperwork. All you have to do is approve the plans, based on your preferences, and pay applicable fees.

Your Florida Room will be crafted to a large degree in our shops, then assembled on your lot. Our crews keep inconveniences to a minimum, right down to clean up during and after construction.

Our Florida Rooms Possess Both Beauty and Brawn

We routinely exceed requirements in the Florida Building Code, which says our Sun Rooms must be engineered to withstand 160-mph winds in Palm Beach County; 170-mph winds in Broward County; and 175-mph winds in Miami-Dade. TKTK

Our framing uses heavier-gauge aluminum. It looks as attractive or better than other framing, but it stands up better against hurricanes. Our rooms add strength with other heavy-duty components such as fasteners and anchors.

The looks of your Florida Room can coordinate exactly with the architecture of your home. Roof angle and covering can be made to blend right in. Window proportion and style can match. Interior trim, wall finish, and flooring can be coordinated with those in your home.

Choose from Wide Array of Glass Types

There’s no such thing as standard. Windows can be fixed or operating with screens. They can be small or big, even covering most of a wall.

Get the glass that suits your needs and budget:

  • Acrylic Window Sunroom. Acrylic windows, custom-made in our shops and designed to open to screens, are economical. They remove easily – before storms to reduce the potential for damage, or before cleaning.
  • Tempered Glass. This safety glass would reduce to rounded pebbles, not hazardous shards, in the event of breakage.
  • Double Pane Low-E Windows. Smart glass reflects summer heat away from your home and desirable winter heat back inside, cutting energy bills.
  • Impact Glass Sunroom. The safest panes are Impact Glass. They stand up best to hurricane winds and debris, and to manmade hazards such as golf balls; have superior sound and energy insulation; and reduce UV rays. Breakage is rare but would result in tiny pieces held in place by a middle layer of plastic.

Add Options To Suit Your Tastes

Opt for hardwood ceilings; leakproof giant insulated skylights; overhead fans, lights and TV mounts; ceramic tile floors; hidden cabling for electronics; extra electrical outlets; custom cabinetry and shelving; and French-style doors.

It’s all up to you.

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