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Pergolas Combine Shade, Natural Ventilation to Cool Your Patio

With a Pergola from Floridian Patio Products, you can combine two luxuries so many South Florida homeowners want for hours spent outdoors: shade and natural ventilation.

Pergolas accomplish both with an overhead design that uses a canopy rather than a solid roof. The canopy is held aloft by stylish but strong metal posts. The open design creates partial shade below it and encourages air to flow between the structural elements of the canopy. It’s totally natural cooling.

If you feel a roof is too confining, a Pergola’s open-air qualities might just be perfect for you. With a Pergola, you’ll get enough shade to cool you and prevent heat from accumulating in the paved surface underfoot. Still, you’ll be able to look up and see the sky, and there will be no walls to close you in.

Pergolas are proven by time, having been used in many cultures for thousands of years all around the world. Some stood alone and others supported climbing vines to add fragrance and denser shade to the cooling experience. You can user climbers, too. Pergolas that are hundreds of years old still stand over plazas, walks and gardens in Europe and Asia.

Floridian Patio Products designs and installs two types of Pergolas:

  • Wood Pergolas. Wood is the classical material for Pergolas – the material that has lasted so long in ancient examples still standing today. Rafters and the horizontal beams that support them, all of which create shade, are natural wood. Durable high-tech paints protect the wooden parts from weathering, making our Wooden Pergolas long-lasting and decidedly low-maintenance.
  • Aluminum Pergolas. These are the modern no-maintenance version of the classic. An Aluminum Pergola looks much like the wood version, but its rafters and beams are no-rot aluminum, rather than wood. Rafter ends can be scalloped, just as with wood. Framing is coated with a durable factory finish that doesn’t peel, alligator or curl. Embossed wood-like grain is available for aluminum framing members.

The partial shade cast by Pergolas makes them good for multiple uses. They can cover patios, pool decks or garden walkways. Because some sun does get through the overhead cross-members, Pergolas can even cover the garden itself and allow plants to prosper. You’ll appreciate the cooling that a Pergola provides when you tend your plants.

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